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March 3 - Veggie Challenge

Today Zephyr wanted to help me write the blog entry, so this will be co-authored by him.

ZEPHYR: Today was veggie challenge. But Dad, again, forgot to get stuff. So we had a silly orange contest.

ROBERT: This is true. But they were actually clementines.  I tried to keep it a secret as long as I could, but Lyric smelled it out (and I think he also peeked).

ZEPHYR: He definitely also peeked. CLEMENTINE CHALLENGE! With five exclamation points.

ZEPHYR: Why didn't you put five exclamation points there?

ROBERT: I'm not doing that. Anyway, the rules for today's veggie challenge was that we would have three rounds to see who could eat their clementine in the silliest way. Zephyr, being the oldest, started.

ROBERT: Zephyr, tell us a little about what you were going for here.


ROBERT: Yes. Kind of a Cosbyesque thing going on here with an eye roll as he ate the first piece of clementine. But then it was Lyric's turn.

ZEPHYR: He decided to eat his clementine with no hands.

ROBERT: Like an animal. It was kind of a surprise, too, I didn't snap a photo of his head at the plate in time. But I got the above photo of him inhaling the clementine slice. He saw an opening and he went at it! Point: Lyric. On to round two!

ROBERT: Talk to me a little about your technique here. Eating a clementine with your elbow! Very impressively silly.

ZEPHYR: I ate a clementine with my elbow and I don't regret it.

ROBERT: Okay! Where did you get the idea for that?

ZEPHYR: Same kind of thing as the clementine challenge, NOWHERE!

ROBERT: Strong words from a strong contender. But then it was Lyric's turn!

ROBERT: And I don't know what Lyric was doing here. Something with his hands in front of his face. Very confusing.

ZEPHYR: Confusing to me too!

ROBERT: Point to Zephyr! And just like that, it was all tied up. Time for your final round.

ROBERT: This one had a wind up and then a silly ending. Take me through it.

ZEPHYR: It started with grabbing a clementine with one finger and putting that finger in the air, and then another and putting that finger in the air.

ROBERT: And you were chanting "bo bo bo bo bo".

ZEPHYR: Don't say that! I was chanting "La da da ya da".

ROBERT: I do not remember it that way. But then you pulled the classic "Vampire Fang" maneuver. Talk to me about that.

ZEPHYR: La di da di, we like to party. This is the silly part of the blog.

ROBERT: Very silly. But then it was Lyric's turn. He'd need to pull out the big guns here.

ZEPHYR: He did a clementine smile!

ROBERT: Understated but effective. Just look at that face he makes at the end - a classic mug. I had to call it a tie. We went to overtime! And this is where you shined!

ROBERT: I thought you were doing clementine lips, but you told me different.

ZEPHYR: Could I say what it is? It was a clementine moustache and beard.

ROBERT: Yes it was.

ZEPHYR: Lyric tried to pull out the big guns, but instead he pulled out the big hands! AH HA HA HA HA!

ROBERT: Yup, a lot of action going on behind those hands. I gave the final round to you, winning today's Veggie Challenge.

ZEPHYR: But Lyric got a toy.

ROBERT: He did, because he got 150 veggie points for going into overtime. He had 300 from last time, and the rule is you get to trade 350 Veggie points for a toy.  You got 200 veggie points for winning and now have 305.

ZEPHYR: Pretty close to a new toy!

ROBERT: That's right! Meanwhile, Lyric has 100 veggie points and a brand spanking new Kilowog action figure. And you both got some vitamin C from fresh fruit this morning. Another win win from the Veggie Challenge!

ZEPHYR: I'm going to stop now, okay?

ROBERT: That's fine, we're done for today.

Zephyr with his very "hunt and peck" typing style.

Zephyr with his very "hunt and peck" typing style.