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June 3 - Mythology Quiz

Mythology quiz today! I asked Zephyr and Lyric a few mythology questions, and they knew a lot of basic stuff, like

  • king of the gods is Zeus
  • the Roman name for Zeus is Jupiter
  • the strongest mortal ever was Hercules

and other stuff I prompted them on other stuff like

  • Mars was the God of war. Greeks called him Ares.  
  • Venus was the goddess of love. Greeks called her Aphrodite.
  • Neptune was the god of the sea. Greeks called him Poseidon. 

Sticking to the stories behind planet names proved to be a good strategy. I got to hint at a bunch of stories and set up a bunch of characters for future quizzes. 

At the end I offered Zephyr a prize if he could name 12 gods before school. He got: 

  1. Zephyros (duh) 
  2. Zeus
  3. Poseidon
  4. Persephone (also the name of a friend of ours) 
  5. Athena  
  6. Venus
  7. Mars
  8. Pluto
  9. Saturn (technically a Titan, but I accepted it)
  10. Uranus  (ditto)

and then he blanked. I gave him some clues to get Mercury, and then for the last one he tried to make up a name for a god ("See-ras?"), which I liked a lot as a tactic. I'm a firm believer in making up your own gods. I told him Ceres was in fact the god of the harvest (and that's what cereal is named after) so it was close enough. 

I gave him the MUNNY figure I never got to give him when Memorial Day made us skip a day.  He dug it! We'll decorate it soon.  

Selfgrade: B+. It felt like a C- immediately afterwards because it didn't conform exactly to my expectations, but after reviewing it again for the blog, I realize we actually covered a lot of ground. There's a lesson in there somewhere.