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Find work better.

There’s a million things you need to do to get a job in 2019. CELESTE gets you to do them.

CELESTE is an AI system for job seekers that makes tracking job search actions easy, effective, and enjoyable. By managing your job search, she can give you direction and deliver results. All you have to do is be honest with her.

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One simple trick to get a job.

CELESTE works because tracking works.

To use CELESTE you just have to track whatever you do to get yourself a job: sending emails, meeting people face-to-face, filling out job applications… all the little things you know you need to do to get yourself employed. CELESTE is there to help you figure out what to do next and organize what needs to be done. And CELESTE makes tracking easy, so you can get points.

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A clear metric of job search progress.

The more CELESTE learns about you, the more points she gives you. By analyzing these points and how job seekers are getting them, CELESTE can learn what they’re doing right and what they need to do better, which strategies are working in the current job market, and how they can socially navigate their professional connections.

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Find work better with CELESTE.

Now in Beta Testing.

To find out about how you could try out CELESTE, contact CELESTE@milmonk.com.