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Find work better.

There’s a million things you need to do to get a job in 2019. CELESTE gets you to do them.

CELESTE is an AI system for job seekers that makes tracking easy. By managing your job search, she can give you direction and deliver results. All you have to do is be honest with her.

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The gig economy is a demanding beast.

If you want to work, you have to hustle. And you have to keep up the hustle. You have to be making connections, sending out letters, updating your LinkedIn page...

CELESTE is a personal assistant that helps you keep up the hustle.


CELESTE is an AI job search application with a personality. By feeding her data about your job search, she can help you manage your time, build up your professional connections, and search for jobs for you. 

She can tell you what you should do next. She can suggest other things you could do. She can connect you with new opportunities.


The only catch is you have to tell CELESTE the truth. She has to know you're being honest with her.

AI's run on data, and if you fake the data then it's not going to work. Garbage in, garbage out.


But if you tell CELESTE about the contacts you're reaching out to, the jobs you're applying to, and the work you're doing to find work, she can do amazing things for you. 

The problem with trackers is that entering data is too hard. CELESTE makes it easy three ways:

  1. with intuitive Natural Language Processing

  2. with voice recognition

  3. with a personality

You just need to use your voice to enter job search actions. CELESTE takes care of the rest.

And CELESTE gives you points as you track your job search actions, giving you a clear path to a productive job search.


Personality as utility

To make a job search bot that works, you can't just have some flavorless servant powering the process.

Because let's be honest here: If you want to get a job, YOU have to do the work.

You have to do the work and demonstrate personal value to get a job. There's effort you will have to put into getting a job, for whatever profession you go into. It's going to be YOUR résumé, YOUR skills and experience, YOU. What you need isn't a bot to do the work for you, it's a bot that brings out the best work in you.