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March 18 - Superhero Drawing Studio

Today Lyric threw a tantrum about Superhero drawing studio, despite the fact that they had chosen to do extracurricular drawings previously during the week after other morning activities. Weird! Lyric got all upset that we were going to draw, and started ripping paper in front of me to show me how mad he was. I told him he could go into his room and be mad if he wanted, but that I was going to draw with Zephyr. I looked at the cool robot Mechsuit in his new Plants Vs. Zombies comic book and figured I could show him how we could draw something cool like that by just drawing some circles and squares and semicircles.

That's a pretty bad-ass mechsuit!

That's a pretty bad-ass mechsuit!

I did a quick sketch of the mech and then let Zephyr draw the imp piloting it. He threw on some details as well.

I then took Zephyr through all the main shapes in the mechsuit, paying special attention to note which shapes were in front of other shapes to have the figure layer correctly.

Mine in red (note the imp he drew), Zephyr's in green. Still drawing from the left side of the brain a bit, but getting there! The broccoli guy was also looking good.

Meanwhile, Lyric predictably saw me lavishing attention on Zephyr and decided he COULD do superhero drawing studio after all if he could use the time to put stickers on the underwater scene he had worked out last week.

You can switch morning activities if the kids say they don't want to do it (it's no fun forcing a kid to do something, that's for sure), but I find if you just stick to your guns and say that YOU'RE going to do the morning activity as it's listed, the kids will eventually play along. Most of the time.