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March 24 - Feats of Speed

Lyric wanted to switch around the morning activity this morning, and I'm going to try and faithfully get down what he asked for:

"I want it to be a game where you're a monster and you chase us around and you're holding my turtle Spikey but then you get chased by usand we run around after you and we get to hold Spikey."

Okay! We're going to try and do that.

I brought this game out into our hallway so I could give the kids space to run around. We were going to do it outside, but it's still a bit too cold in the mornings. I grabbed Lyric's turtle Spikey for whatever reason, and Lyric wore a mask and his backpack as a jetpack, because that's how he rolls. And then, yeah, essentially I just chased them around for about fifteen minutes.

There was maybe a little bit more to it than that... I would act like I was about to catch them and then they would just slip through my grasp, or they would declare something to be "base" and I would flick an imaginary switch to change the base to somewhere else, and then they would run to that base in a holy terror. Simple little rule changes to keep them moving and keep things in action. Pretty successful, all told.

One more thing to note: although I normally chant "Feats of Speed! Feats of Speed!" as they race during this morning activity, I did NOT do it this time because I was trying to keep a little quiet in deference to our neighbors. That's more of either an outside thing or an inside our own house thing.