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May 13 - I goofed

Well, Friday was supposed to be Juice Crew and Breakdancing but it didn't happen. There was some complications - we needed fruit so Chay could make yogurt parfaits for Lyric's class, we had to be in at 8:15a for a (separate) Family Friday event with Lyric's class, I was just super-tired - but it all just boils down to our morning activity not happening. I thought maybe we could do it this weekend but that didn't happen either. My flub rate seems to be about once a month. I'd call that not perfect but respectable. 

But this weekend, Zephyr and I started playing around with Hopscotch, an app that lets you design video games as you teach kids the fundamentals of coding. My early review is HOLY CRAP THIS THING IS INCREDIBLE, Zephyr loves it and we've made something like 7 games already these past few days (pretty fun ones too... Including both a flappy bird and angry birds clone). I'm definitely going to be doing a lot more with coding the next few months, and I'm going to do my darnedest to teach my kids how to code as I learn myself. So expect some coding tutorials interspersed from now on. 

So, y'know, hopefully that makes up for missing a day.