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May 19 - Wrestling

Having two boys, you start to wonder as a parent how much physical fighting is unavoidable. I recognize that fighting is going to happen, no matter how much I might encourage them to work with and care for each other. On some level they crave the physical contact with each other, I think. But I figure at least the fighting can be more structured with a distinct end point. And so today I tried to teach them wrestling. 

Mumsie was staying for the weekend, so we converted the couch into a bed for her. This would be our ring.  I wanted to teach them the basics of the actual sport of wrestling, but I also wanted them to have fun, so I figured I needed to teach them a bit about professional wrestling as well. I taught them the basics of what pinning your opponents shoulders for a three count was (which was key, as I hoped this would give them a natural end point to fighting they might do outside the ring), and then I had them do intro walks into the ring to start off the match.

I tried to get them to wear Luchador masks (which we have several of, for whatever reason) but no dice.  They did want to wear capes and regular masks, however, so I think they sort of got it.

Zephyr won pretty handily, although Lyric got in there pretty good once or twice. Zephyr is bigger and three years older, but Lyric is definitely the more pugnacious of the two. I expect this result to begin to shift soon. 

Ding ding ding!

Ding ding ding!

At the end I showed them what a wrestling interview looked like by showing them a clip of Macho Man Randy Savage and Mean Gene Okerlund. Maybe next time we'll try and do our own.