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June 10 - Juice crew

Awwww yeah! Juice Crew this morning! This is where I make a fresh juice with the kids while listening to old-school hip hop and teaching them breakdancing moves.  

Today's Every Color of the Rainbow juice had:

Delicious and nutritious  

Delicious and nutritious  

  • Red watermelon  
  • a navel orange
  • Yellow frozen banana
  • Green pear
  • Blue(ish) blackberries  
  • Purple grapes

I kinda blew it, though, because there was this monster beet in the fridge I forgot to throw in. But anyway. 

This time I set up the juicer and let the kids do it all themselves, while I made vines and set them to Eric B. And Rakim's "Know the ledge".

wait a second... "Know the ledge"... "Knowledge"... Oh snap! I just got that, like 23 years later. Pretty deep, Rakim. 

Anyway, the kids took the juice and served them to their mom, with a homemade note.

And then we took a moment to toast each other on a delicious juice accomplished!

SELFGRADE: B. The juice was delicious, but how could I forget that giant beet? Inexcusable. And again, no breakdancing. At this rate they'll never get their 10,000 hours! And in the world they're going into it's serve or get served.