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June 1 - New Schedule!

It's a new month (so let a man come in and do the popcorn)! Lots of fun in store.

Monthly clean up notes and prospective highlights:

  • Since 1) we're not going anywhere this summer, and 2) I'm trying to learn how to code while teaching Zephyr and Lyric about coding, I've determined that I'm going to try and conduct MY OWN coding camp for the kids. We'll have a preview day this month on the 24th.
  • Mythology quiz on the 3rd! We'll see how that goes... it's an effort to get the kids into mythology, so we'll be looking to test where their base knowledge is.
  • Zephyr's having a Bird Celebration Day at school on the 17th (they will have finished their Bird study) so we'll be starting it off at home then as well.
  • A new idea for treasure hunt this month based on escape rooms! Check it out on the 16th.
  • Last day of school party on the 26th! Ain't no party like a morning party because a morning party has school immediately afterwards.