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June 7 - Karaoke Star Time

The kids were playing Pokemon with giant cards with each other this morning, and it was pretty sweet so I didn't feel too much pressure to get them doing today's morning activity.


But I felt like I would've regretted not doing anything, so I tried to see if I could quickly teach Zephyr the first few bars to "Peter Piper" by Run DMC. This YouTube karaoke video for it is really high quality (except for a few mistaken lyrics):

The degree of success in teaching Zephyr was... not so much.

#MorningFunManifesto Karaoke day - Zephyr tries learning Run DMC's "Peter Piper"

A video posted by Robert Sosin (@chompyduchamp) on

Selfgrade: C. I barely tried, could've done a lot better. I like the idea of teaching him Peter Piper for Poetry for Prizes day, though.