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September 19 - Detective training

The kids were looking for Ragamorf this morning, so I saw an opening to do something fun for detective training. Ragamorf is a stuffed animal designed by Takashi Murakami - no idea where the name "Ragamorf" came from, I thought at first it might be based on the scientific term for rabbits (Lagomorpha) but I don't think the kids were ever exposed to that term. Anyway.  We searched together to find her, looking for clues and interviewing other stuffed animals to see if they knew her (him? its?) whereabouts. We finally found her in a bin. 

After the kids had breakfast I subtly grabbed Ragamorf and hid her in one of my display cases. Then I wrote out a few little notes in the form of clues leading to one another and hid them around the house. They actually found the second one before the first one (which said "RAGAMORF IS MISSING") and started trying to decipher the clues. The second clue led them to a pigeon shaped pillow, who when questioned (like a stool pigeon) led them to a clue that simply said "LOOK UP". After a few minutes of looking at the ceiling, Lyric finally looked down a bit and saw Ragamorf. 

Hiding in plain sight

Hiding in plain sight

SELFGRADE: A-. I liked how organic it felt.