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Happy Secret New Year!

Back in it! Again. For real this time.

Back in it! Again. For real this time.

So here's a secret: March 1st is actually supposed to be New Year's Day. You see, when the early Romans came up with the calendar, there was only ten months, and what's now January and February were known as the intercalens, or "time between years". That's why those later months don't go along with their own names (like how October is the tenth month instead of the eighth month). Indeed, "March" refers to Mars (Martius) and was supposed to be the beginning of both the farming and the military season.

In my experience, very little seems to get done in January and February, and things that are supposed to happen in the new year don't happen until March anyway. So I'm starting to think that March 1st might be a better time to start those resolutions. And thus, I hereby dub MARCH 1ST AS "SECRET NEW YEARS", and once again commit myself to the campaign of the #MorningFunManifesto.

The Facebook Live stuff hasn't been working so great, admittedly, but I want to try more of itbecause 1) the kids like it, 2) I want to get better at it, and 3) I want to use it as a trying ground for new ideas about livecasting. Like, I want to see if consistency and keeping it to 5 minutes long help. Eventually it might be a daily thing, but I'll probably have to work up to that. Anyway, the blue dates should be Facebook Live shows, tune in if you like seeing experimental stuff.