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March 16th - A Treasure Hunt about Perseus

Today we had our Perseus treasure hunt on Facebook Live!

Things we learned:

  • Zeus turned into a GOLDEN SHOWER to free Danaë, Perseus' mother, from a brass prison. That's just how Zeus do.
  • Perseus used a shield, a sword, a helmet, and winged sandals to kill Medusa.
  • We had a whole bunch of real-world practice doing math for both kids! And they were able to figure it out and do it in a pretty decent time!
  • Still some ways to go on math... lots of counting on fingers still for Zephyr, not a full knowledge of concepts like "eighty" for Lyric, and guessing at answers rather than figuring them out for both of them. I theoretically could have taken more of a backseat here and let the kids be wrong, but I wanted to keep it moving.
  • Livecasting is exciting, but challenging. Was I involved enough? Was it moving fast enough? Were the clues too obvious, or was it good there was less searching and more math? Should I be planning better shots? Full self-critique still to come.

But the kids had a great time and hopefully learned a little something.

Here's the full text of all the clues, in case you're curious: