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July 12th - Daddycamp day three

Another day of Daddycamp down... Zephyr and I finished a first pass ("beta test") of his bot, Lyric had some good reading time with Nana, I got to clean up the plumbing disaster, we had the biggest Pokémon Adventure ever (and I was able to teach the kids the correct way to play with toys), and we cooked together. A full day! 

About Zephyr's bot: this is a first pass, we're gonna do a lot more with this and train it so it becomes more robust. Ideally we'll learn a bit more about the functionality of on the way. But you can start talking to it here, or scan this code:

Still not entirely sure HOW one scans a Facebook Messenger code, but that's coming.

Still not entirely sure HOW one scans a Facebook Messenger code, but that's coming.

Lyric had a much better day reading with Nana after I asked him to put in a little more effort, and then after they had lunch with Grandpa, I took them to the water park at Pier 25 for a Pokémon Adventure, where we all played together with action figures.

They started by trying to fight the action figures by just mashing them into each other, but then when Zephyr accidentally mashed his figure into mine and hit me in the face, I showed them how to have more fun by using our imaginations to see the fighting effects, without having the figures touch. This led to a WAY MORE FUN playtime. I know there's not supposed to be a wrong way to play, but I felt like it was some kind of a breakthrough to teach the kids not to just crush figures together, like it showed how imaginative play can be more fulfilling. I also figured out a new way to push them INSANELY high on a swing and we made a quick Instagram movie with the Pokémon figures we brought:

Pokémon Adventure... the movie! By Zephyr and Lyric, a Daddycamp film #morningfunmanifesto #pokemon #filmmaking

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At the end of the day, we broke out our vegetable spiralizer and as one kid took their piano lessons the other helped me make beet pasta with sautéed beet greens and artichoke pesto. I was just kind of winging it but it actually turned out pretty yummy! And then to cap the day off we all wrote what we learned, and Mommy joined in: