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July 18th - Daddycamp day six

Today was a pretty frustrating day of Daddycamp, to be honest. I had an idea of how to make the bot Zephyr and I were working on more fun by adding in some more sketches of ZRR-Bot's face as it shows "emotion", and Zephyr did a great job in sketching them out:

And then we did a lot of work making a separate introductory conversation for ZRR-Bot where he could tell users all about what a chatbot is and why he made one, but I DIDN'T SAVE IT for some dumb reason and the whole thing got erased. Grrr. We'll do it again tomorrow, I guess.

Otherwise, I had kind of planned doing another Architecture Walk to look at some interesting buildings around Wall Street, but it was too hot and the kids were too grumpy about walking around. So we just went to the playground and I gave them baths after (which I hadn't done in about two weeks - oops).

Tomorrow should be better: it's a treasure hunt day!