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DAY ZERO - January 31st, 2016

So I'm going to try my hand at dadblogging. This is an experiment for February, I've essentially dared myself to do an entry every weekday. Bear with me, it'll be worth it. I think.

This blog is going to be (at least on the surface) about the morning activities I do with my two sons Zephyr and Lyric. Every month I make up a schedule of things we can do in the morning before school, and I've found it to be a great way to 1) spend quality time with my kids, 2) teach them important lessons in a fun way, 3) enjoy being a dad, and 4) not feel like I'm wasting the most precious moments of my children's development immersed in whatever time suck has hold of me at the moment. Just a little planning and preparation has made being a dad WAY more enjoyable, and I felt like I should share it.

I'll get into it, the reasons behind it, what comprises it, and what you have to do to do it yourself as we go on. But for day zero, I just want to get this out there and get moving. So without further ado, here is February 2016's #MorningFunManifesto schedule: