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February 01 - MUNNY making

Today was a reward day for the kids, because they had helped me out with a huge project over the weekend. SO MUCH MORE ON THIS HUGE PROJECT SOON, it's kind of immense but I'm not ready to reveal it yet. But the kids were amazing in it, and they deserved something special.

So today I gave them something I've been holding onto for a few years: giant blank MUNNY figures from Kidrobot. We'd decorated tiny ones before, but this time I broke out the big guns.

I got these as Kidrobot on Prince Street was going out of business and had always been meaning to get into them, especially when I wanted to design figures for 3D printing. But I just never got around to it, and they've been hanging around forever. The kids got really excited about it, though. The chance to make and design their own toy was a huge deal.

Zephyr named his Sarah (presumably after his teacher Sarah, which is probably a good sign he's enjoying school) and that made Lyric want to make his a girl as well. He called her "Emily". He wanted her to have a red and white striped shirt, just like him.

The smaller Munny figures we had previously done had stickers, but for these larger versions we needed to use sharpies and pencils to decorate them. I showed them how to plan out what they wanted to do with pencil and then finish it up with a Sharpie. We talked about how eyes further apart are "Cuter", and how eyes change shape when people smile.

I also showed them how adding eyelashes to an eye makes something look more feminine (what I suspect cartoon anthropologists call "the Minnie Mouse principle"). I prefer to think of it as passing on basic cartooning principles rather than gendered heteronormativity. Zephyr did his all on his own, I drew in Lyric's shirt and eye and mouth placement. But then Lyric started on his own pants and Zephyr started making a rainbow banding pattern!

Work in progress. I drew Pickle and Peanut on the TV that came with Zephyr's for him.

Work in progress. I drew Pickle and Peanut on the TV that came with Zephyr's for him.

We had to get off to school and left the Munnys in mid production. But we shall return to them! Progress reports as they happen.