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February 16 - Filmmaking, day two

Some more Pickle and Peanut films this morning... in today's installment, the boys are set for a rollicking evening of Congruous Five when their friend McSweats tells them about a party Lazer is having that they weren't invited to. I play Peanut, Lyric plays Pickle, and Zephyr plays McSweats. I'll provide translation for those that don't speak kid (Zephyr just lost his two front teeth, so he's especially funny sounding at the moment).

PART ONE: TITLE CARD: Pickle and Peanut / PICKLE: Hey Peanut! PEANUT: Hey Pickle, ready to play some Congruous Five? Oh, it's so fun! / MCSWEATS: What up, Ballers?

PART TWO: PICKLE: Hey McSweats! MCSWEATS: 'Sup fools. You going to Lazer's party? / PEANUT: Lazer's having a party?

PART THREE: PEANUT: Oh man, why didn't we get invited to Lazer's party? Quick, Friendship tunnel! / PEANUT: Aw man, Pickle, we gotta get to that party! / PICKLE: But Lazer's such a butt!

More to come later this week! Stay tuned!