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February 19 - Filmmaking, Day five

Today was the last day of filmmaking on our Pickle and Peanut project... when last we left, Lazer was humiliating Pickle by standing on his shoulders. I didn't really know where the story was going, but Zephyr had a "eureka moment" when he mistakenly tipped over the Lego figures and they broke apart and Lazer's legs stayed on Pickle's shoulders. Zephyr thought it looked like Pickle was wearing the large "Turkey wrap" headphones rapper D-Stixx was hawking in another episode of Pickle and Peanut ("Gobble gobble! Buy my headphones"). It seemed like we'd found an ending.

Translations below embedded vines for those who can't understand.

PART EIGHT: LAZER: Kneel before me, subjects! / PEANUT: I can't let Pickle be tortured! / DISEMBODIED VOICE: Head butt head butt head butt...

PART NINE: LAZER: Ahhh, my legs! / PICKLE: Check out my sweet new headphones! / PEANUT: Ohhhh, so jealous!

PART TEN: PICKLE AND PEANUT: Bo bo bo bo bo bo! / MCSWEATS: What are you waiting for? It's the end, baller!


For that end "bo bo bo bo bo", Zephyr filmed it while Lyric and I tried manipulating the arms. It sort of worked. Kind of. But I was glad to have Zephyr take a turn behind the camera!

And that brings us to the end of Pickle and Peanut week for filmmaking. I wanted to give a special shout out to Joel Trussell and Noah Z. Jones... thanks for your incredible cartoon, for teaching the world about booty germs and cookie altruism, and for the encouraging tweets. Bo bo bo bo bo bo!