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February 18 - Filmmaking, Day four

Today Lyric was in a mood. Vacations throw the kids off their schedule, and that can lead to them not sleeping right which can lead to crankiness which can lead to tantrums. And tantrums stink.

But that's what Lyric was giving me this morning. It started off with a tantrum about not wearing a superhero shirt... As I've mentioned, Lyric is obsessed with superheroes and all he wants to wear are superhero clothes. He sometimes even sleeps with a mask and cape on. To try and curb tantruming, we made a rule that superhero clothes can only be worn if wearer hasn't had a tantrum in a whole day, but now we were in a position where he was throwing a tantrum to wear said superhero clothes. It wasn't a particularly well thought out plan. 

Days like this happen. I have found that sometimes the best way to deal with it is to let them have their tantrum in their room and go on with morning activity without them until they are ready to join the fun. While Lyric fussed, I made some eyes and mouths for our Pickle and Peanut Lego figures. 

From L to R: Pickle, Peanut, Lazer, McSweats

From L to R: Pickle, Peanut, Lazer, McSweats

And then we started knocking out some more Vines. Lyric rejoined us pretty close to shooting our first one, and when I asked him if he would help us, he was happy to do so. 

So now I present to you, Zephyr and Lyric present Pickle and Peanut, act II.

PART FOUR: PEANUT: Hey maybe if we ask Lazer he'll let us come to his party! / PICKLE AND PEANUT: Hey Lazer, can we come to your party? LAZER: No, dum dums!

PART FIVE: LAZER: Wait a second! / LAZER: I'll let you into the party... only if Pickle gives me a shoulder ride!

PART SIX: PEANUT: Pickle, you gotta do it! PICKLE: I don't know... / LAZER: Come on, Pickle, do it! / PICKLE: Okay!

PART SEVEN: LAZER: Ha ha ha, look at me, I'm so tall! / PICKLE: Oh, you're so heavy... / DISEMBODIED VOICE: Humiliation... humiliation...

The finale comes tomorrow!