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February 08 - Lunar New Year

It being Lunar New Year today, there was no school, so I got to sleep a little late and Zephyr and Lyric got to watch TV in the morning.

But this weekend. Oh boy this weekend.

MC's Zeph E. Fresh and Slick Lyric drop a poetry recitation of La Di Da Di by Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh. Starring Zephyr Sosin and Lyric Sosin Background images by Robert Sosin Camerawork by Andi Sosin and Joel Sosinsky

This was the culmination of a Poetry for Prizes project I started months ago. I'm planning to turn it into a video, but here's the live version. Zephyr did it despite having a slight temperature (and was in three other acts!) but I'm sooooooo proud of him. When things were hard, he tried harder. And Lyric straight up ROCKED it.

More on Poetry for Prizes in about 2 weeks. Back to the Manifesto tomorrow.