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April 12 - Mystery Elves Obstacle Course (pre-empted)

Today was supposed to be Mystery Elves Obstacle Course, where I attempt to trick the kids into cleaning up the house by running an obstacle course where they clean, but Zephyr was busy this morning making his own homemade Pokémon cards and I thought that was so cool that I just let him do that for the entire morning. Sometimes you don't want to interfere with self-motivated creativity, you know? Check out some of these:

They're technically not Pokémon cards, of course... they're for a Pokémon-style game Zephyr is designing at school with his new friend Mason. But Zephyr was really into cutting out cards and doing drawings and making up attack moves for the cards, and I just thought it was all pretty sweet.

Lyric wanted to get in on it as well, and made up his own game called "Dinosaur stomp". He drew a few (very abstact) dinosaurs on some scraps of paper and then had me draw him some others for him to color. Okay, sure, why not?

The rules for "Dinosaur stomp" were either too simple to be an actual game or too complex for me to understand, but Lyric got some good coloring practice in while Zephyr made up his own stuff. Pretty good for a morning activity, I say.

Because I had a freelance gig today, I ended up moving tomorrow's treasure hunt to Thursday. But trust me, it's gonna be a goody. Tomorrow we'll do the Karaoke performances! Zephyr's been looking forward to that.