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April 13 - Karaoke Star Time

Well, since I messed up and didn't get my act together yesterday to get a treasure hunt going, today was Karaoke star time. We had done something like this last month and Zephyr had been itching to do it again, but he was somewhat low energy for a few tracks. I think the reading got to him... typical rookie karaoke problem, honestly. I figure if he gets his Malcolm Gladwell-esque 10,000 hours of karaoke practice in starting now, by the time he's 30 he is going to have THE most killer set.

Of course, this is still at the very start of those 10,000 hours still. So with that in mind, here's Zephyr's take on the Violent Femme's "Blister in the Sun":

Boy, this is a pretty fun song to sing. And before you say, "Hey, you know what that song is about, right?" let me tell you 1) no it actually isn't and 2) Even if it is, so what? It's just a great song, and getting quiet and then getting loud is an awesome thing to put in a song. I honestly don't know why more songs don't do it. This and "Shout" by the Isley Brothers are pretty much it for that technique.

Oh you think you can do better? Then you take a crack at it!

Even better, have your kids do it. If they're super-adorable doing it, post that video and send it to me!