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March 20th - Filmmaking, Day 1

This month for filmmaking, I want to try an experiment and use Instagram Video's one minute limit to its fullest for some ONE MINUTE MOVIES. There's a few things I really miss about Vine - the ability to add music easily, the ability to go back over shots - but that's the kind of stuff I have to learn to adapt to, I guess.

For today's movie, I went off something Zephyr and Lyric were doing were they were trying to put little post-it notes that said "Kick Me" on one another. This is a very old trope, but serious question: how did they stick signs on unwitting victims before the (relatively recent) invention of post-it notes? Masking tape? Definitely not safety pins, right? That seems out of the question.

Anyway, here's our first ONE MINUTE MOVIE. Enjoy!

#MorningFunManifesto presents One Minute Movies! Today's film: "Kick Me" by the Sosin Brothers #filmmaking

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