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March 21st - Filmmaking, Day 2

For today's filmmaking, Zephyr suggested we do a One Minute movie around the title "Who Knew?" I decided to use it as a formal exercise, trying to make a skit only using syllables that rhyme with "oo".

in another learning curve for using Instagram Video, I found out too late that in trying to fully inhabit the role of a wise Guru, Zephyr totally mumbled his lines to the point that they were entirely inaudible. I asked the kids if they wanted to redo the entire thing, but it was too close to school time. This "not being able to review what you have" thing is rough! But we'll get it.  

Anyway, so you know what's going on, here's the script for "Who Knew?" 

SCENE: Himalayan Mountaintop.

A weary SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE approaches a mystical GURU sitting cross legged and meditating.  


GURU: Guru.  


GURU: True.  

 SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE:  Do you do voodoo?  Do you stew? Do you brew clues?

GURU: (making goofy cow horns) Mooo. 

 SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE: (shrugs) Who knew? 


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the world premiere of "Who Knew?":