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March 22nd - Filmmaking, Day 3

 Zephyr came up with the name "Who is who" for today's movie, and he had a big complicated plot that involved going to space at one point to film it. I told him we only had about 10 minutes to shoot it (as we had spent a good chunk of the morning playing the incredibly fun card game Sushi Go Party)  and we had to simplify. What's more, Lyric was being a grumpus and didn't want to be in the film. So we came up with a doppelgänger plot and quickly filmed it. I think it worked well! Lyric even snapped out of his grumpiness and worked his way in at the end. 

So without further ado: the world premiere of "Who is Who?" 

#morningfunmanifesto presents: One Minute Movies! Today's film: "Who is who?" #filmmaking

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