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Daddy Camp begins July 10th!

Okay, starting a new experiment here on the #MorningFunManifesto blog... 

I'm taking some time this summer to run a mini-camp experience for the kids in NYC! Highlights will include:

  • Museum Monday scavenger hunts at New York's finest cultural institutions!
  • Zephyr and I making a chatbot together with!
  • Lyric getting some prime dedicated reading time with his Nana! 
  • Making some films with a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STAR (hint: 🥞) 
  • and lots more!

I'm establishing a few ground rules for the kids, in order to give a little structure to the experience. 

There's going to be a few weeks off in the middle as the kids go to a real camp in the Poconos and we vacation on the beach in Connecticut, but otherwise it should be a crazy ride. Again, it's entirely experimental, I haven't done anything like it before, and I'm somewhat making it up as I go along. I'm going to try and document it here on the blog and with the #MorningFunManifesto hashtag on social media, so join me and follow along! And hit me up if you want to join in on any Museum Mondays. 

Summer fun ahoy!