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March 7 - Juice Crew & Breakdancing

Today was supposed to be an easy game of animal charades, but since we had to skip juice crew for product testing on Friday and we had veggies in the house and I had something I wanted to raise a glass to this morning, I made the command decision that we would juice. And a delicious juice we made!

As I've said previously, I like to make a juice representing six colors of the rainbow. Today we had:

  • Red watermelon
  • Orange clementines
  • Yellow frozen mango and a frozen banana
  • Green Pear (and beet greens!)
  • Blue blueberries
  • Purple beets

The kids enjoyed throwing the pieces of fruit into the juicer, and thought they were pretty sneaky taking pieces of pear and watermelon and eating them before they went into the juice. Little did they know it was all part of the plan to get them to eat more fruit.

The nice thing about juice crew is that you don't waste fruit. Those clementines were about a week old and somewhat unpeelable, but use a knife to cut them into cubes and they juiced just fine. Another thing to make sure of is to use the beet greens. Those things are CRAZY healthy and packed with iron and betaine, and I don't quite know what that means but I know it's good. Using frozen fruit was a sort of experiment that worked pretty well... it made it more of a smoothie.

This juice tasted astoundingly good. The kids used shot glasses and knocked back quite a few.

This juice tasted astoundingly good. The kids used shot glasses and knocked back quite a few.

For the old-school hip-hop music choice, I put on a mix of classic Nice and Smooth joints. "Early to Rise" is especially appropriate in the morning for my kids. For our Breakdancing portion, I showed Zephyr and Lyric a youtube video of Mr. Wave from the New York Breaker crew:

Uploaded by tamjeedreza on 2010-09-27.

With that example in mid, I had Zephyr try and give me an "electro wave". He returned with light up glasses and did this:

Pretty good! I'm seeing improvement, and I think the instinct to use the light up glasses was very "Rapture". He's a cool customer, that one.

In the end, we all clinked glasses and toasted, because...



Today I officially released the video for the song "Chugga Chugga Tooth Tooth"! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! If you've somehow missed it so far, get ready for it:

And also check out this 360 video version of Chugga Chugga Tooth Tooth starring Zephyr and Lyric!

This was the thing they helped me with that I was rewarding them for way back when, by the by. Mystery solved!