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May 23 - Filmmaking, day one

We've been doing a lot of 360 filmmaking these past few months (BTW, our 360 film THERE IS A MONSTER IN THE PLAYGROUND is still coming together, we just need to record a soundtrack for it, possibly this week), but this week we wanted to return to Vine and make some new quick silly movies. 

Zephyr and Lyric especially wanted to make some Vines based on TWO MORE EGGS by Matt Chapman. If you haven't seen these yet, hokum smokes, click on that link and get ready to have your mind blown. It's some of the funniest kids content out today, and we think Chapman is a bona fide genius. He's one half of the Brothers Chaps (of Homestar Runner fame) and a key contributor to PICKLE AND PEANUT, an established Vine favorite for us. And even though some of the jokes hit a little close to home for me, TWO MORE EGGS is right up there with his best stuff.

So Zephyr wanted to do some stuff with Dooble, a confusingly accented foreign character who gets into all sorts of bizarre situations. We made him a hat prop, drew on a strange moustache, and were off to the races.

We also experimented with putting music under Vines...

Hey guys, what about grain?